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The Verifish software allows you to meet responsible fishing, sustainability and quality standards through your phone, tablet or PC. The system reduces cost, reduces paperwork and gives you a cloud based central point for your vessel documents and records.

Freezer or factory trawlers can use the software to implement and maintain their legal requirements (HACCP) for food safety and quality, in one easy to use system.

Fishery Improvement Projects

Fishery Improvement Projects provide a platform for fishermen, seafood buyers and suppliers to develop a strategy to improve a specific fishery by considering better policies and management over a given time period.


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A report on FIP’s performance globally

A recent report on the performance of FIP's globally has some interesting results for our FIPs A recent report on the performance of FIPs globally has some interesting results for our FIPs (


European Space Agency (ESA) and AquaEye: Marine Applications Ltd has just completed our latest project with ESA AquaEye. The project involves the installation of sensors on participating certified aquaculture production units which transmit data in relation to water quality through satellite and GPRS technology to a cloud-based software platform Users are then able to access the appropriate data based through a user friendly GUI.