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Whether you are a retailer , processor , producer or a commercial fisherman , transparency and sustainability are affecting  every sector of the industry. Ever increasing environment pressures , stricter corporate buying policies and consumer trends are putting more demands on a products provenance.

 Here are some of the reasons our clients find our software helpful to achieve their goals.

  • Protects brands and products by independent verification of compliance with clients sourcing policies .  
  • Facilitates the raising of standards in the Irish seafood supply chain  through greater visibility.
  • Instantaneous information in the event of a product recall assisting critical decisions on the supply chain based on real-time data. 
  • Trust and confidence are built up amongst all participants.
  • Differentiate your brand versus competition by engaging in sustainability initiatives and communicating them in an engaging and consumer orientated manner.
  • Results based metrics generated by greater customer engagement , increased sales, and a greater return on investment by helping consumers make better informed decisions.



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A report on FIP’s performance globally

A recent report on the performance of FIP's globally has some interesting results for our FIPs A recent report on the performance of FIPs globally has some interesting results for our FIPs (


European Space Agency (ESA) and AquaEye: Marine Applications Ltd has just completed our latest project with ESA AquaEye. The project involves the installation of sensors on participating certified aquaculture production units which transmit data in relation to water quality through satellite and GPRS technology to a cloud-based software platform Users are then able to access the appropriate data based through a user friendly GUI.